Wedding Entertainment Ideas Everyone Will Love

Wedding entertainment ideas have evolved significantly over the years and maybe what sets a marriage over the highest for guests. Good entertainment won’t only keep your guests engaged throughout the reception, but also will act as an important icebreaker. you’re likely to possess guests who aren’t conversant with others attending, so stirring activities will encourage your friends and family to mingle. But how are you able to confirm you discover the proper entertainment for all kinds of personalities, without settling for stale options?

1. Live band
Incorporate live music into your reception to form your guests desire they’re at a concert! Mix it up and pick a band or genre that veers from the quality wedding music – choose a vintage jazz group or a retro funk group. Bring your theme to life with a band that completely complements your outfits, décor, and overall style.

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2. DJ and sax
Yes, you read that correctly – give your guests the simplest of both worlds with renditions of their favorite songs, enhanced by a live element. A saxophonist might be the right contrast to feature a cool, soulful vibe to your favorite tunes. Add in some percussion, vocals, or other brass instruments to bring more energy to the standard DJ’s set. If it’s applicable, tailor the live addition to your required theme – for instance, an electrical guitarist would suit an industrial-chic wedding.

3. Magic mirror photo booth
While wedding photo booths have served as an excellent memory-maker over the years, why not add some flair with a mirror? The mirrored aspect of this staple is an unexpected thanks to modernizing the experience. Jazz the mini photoshoot up with themed props or a chic backdrop for an easy and universally fun activity.

4. Ferris wheel
Bring all the fun of a carnival to your day with a small-scale Ferris wheel! A Ferris wheel also will provide the right photo opportunity for your friends and family and your sweet couple shots.

5. Bounce house
Take your guests down memory lane with a rich version of this classic. Friends and family won’t desire they’re at a kids’ birthday celebration with an upgraded, elegant inflatable – it’s also a surefire thanks to raising the energy level!

6. Caricatures
For the artsy couple, having a reception caricature artist is that the perfect wedding entertainment idea. you’ll easily found out a station for the artist faraway from the commotion of the floor which will also double as an opportunity area for your guests. Caricatures are a wonderful, easygoing activity that will also function a customized wedding favor – be happy to urge creative with a custom border including your names and therefore the date, and even offer digital downloads.

7. Acrobats
From suspended aerialists to acrobats frozen like statues, live performers will elevate the atmosphere of any wedding. Utilize the tall ceilings in your reception space for aerial silks or hoops or hire acrobats with unparalleled static skills for your friends and family to require pictures with throughout the day.

8. Bourbon bar (or on-hand barista to accommodate non-drinkers)
Delight the gang with a variety of options for this savory spirit, from a handcrafted Old-Fashioned to a tasting bar. Allow the guests to customize their drinks with a garnish buffet or offer options to assist them to study the kinds of bourbon and flavors available. If you’re hosting people that won’t be consuming alcohol, provide other options like an on-hand espresso bar and watch the barista’s artistry excite your guests.

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9. Karaoke
Set up an old-school karaoke machine on a pre-existing stage or a smaller podium you’ll close up afterward. Those attending can dedicate songs to the couple or pick their own – in fact, from a carefully curated list beforehand to make sure you don’t have any inappropriate tunes crop up at your reception. confirm to put song limits per person/group and cap the time you’ll have the setup open, so your guests will have the prospect to partake without the activity dragging on all night.

10. Pianist or keyboardist
Classic, and oh-so-romantic. A pianist will add an expensive element to your fancy affair, whether you’re aiming for a fairytale wedding theme or a cool and chic night. you’ll have the pianist provide background music for a cocktail hour or your romantic first dance. For a more upbeat reception twist, choose an unexpected rock keyboardist to shake up the gang.

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